How To Tie Snell Knot – Ultimate Guide 2021

what is a snell knot?

Hello Guys this is James, and today I am going to guide you about the snell knot.
Many people find trouble tying it. I will tell you the easiest way to tie your knot.
As we know that this is a knot used to attach a fishing hook to a fishing line, the best part of this knot is it is very secure and it will not untie easily.

snell knot

A Snell knot is a knot used to attach a fishing hook to a fishing line, a very secure knot for fishing. After passing a line through the hook’s eye and connecting to the shaft, it is a very secure and tieless knot. It is very easy to knot. It would be best if you worked on that a few times. Here you will find snell knot videos of snell knot fishing hooks. Snell knot tying is not that easy or difficult, but as a universal saying, “practice makes a man perfect “,

so after watching a few videos of how to tie a snell knot definitely, you will know the technique.
According to some tests, the snell knot bears about 20 to 30 pounds of fluorocarbon.

How to tie Snell Knot:

it is just like a game, and you will enjoy tying a snell knot hooking. Let’s try to tie a snell knot with your hook.
First, you pass the rope through the hook’s eye and loop after passing the end through the eye, pass the loop through the standing part, wrap the loop around through the standing part and continue wrapping the rope nearly six or seven times and pull the standing part tighten and your snell knot is ready.

I will show you this technique in images as well for your convenience.

How to tie a Snell knot


it allows the tippet to tied directly to the hook. The snell knot was originally invented for those eyeless hooks which don’t have eyes, but it is still used nowadays. It is used for flipping, pitching well for bass and catfish, and ties the best chod rig.

Tying it:

When tightening the knot around the fishing hook, the snell knot requires a wrap.


For reliable connection and strength of the fishing line, particularly the snell knot is one of the most better but older knots.

It is quick and does not slip easily because of its strongest line to its hook connection.

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